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Thursday, March 24, 2016

A new commercial, new revenue streams and the ongoing saga of #FixThePlus.

Exciting news, we are getting ready to begin production on the next Life Explained commercial. It will be huge. So big, in fact, we are going to call it an "Infomercial." Of course that is after the legal department clears the term. We are not planning on going real heavy on the Info, and concentrating mostly on the Mercial part. Nobody really watches television for information.

Preliminary reports indicate two "quantifiable iotas" of information will be enough. Last time we checked we are safely at three and a half (as long as we are allowed to count the dancing zombies as a Health Feature)* so we should be covered.

Anyway, we have the idea all mapped out, sort of. It is going to be about the mysteries of life, kind of. And how we are working so hard to explain them, maybe.

Anyhow, we have the app all picked out for production, at least we have it narrowed down to one or two, well maybe three. They all have benefits, and drawbacks, but we may end up using all of them, who knows.

And, we have the theme music all picked out, at least we have the list narrowed down to 7 or 9 songs, no more than 11, anyway. It might be a montage, a sort of progressive fading, flowing, looping thing. It is too early to tell.

We are selling advertising, if anybody is interested in placing a commercial inside our commercial. Just let us know. We will be at Starbucks™ (maybe Starbucks would like to advertise here) later if you want to buy us a coffee and talk.

Storyboarding will begin after coffee, and maybe donuts, or a breakfast burrito.

Lights, Camera, wait, hold on a minute.

What we do have is this new Digislate Clapperboard app from Wimbledon Sound, and it makes us feel like big time movie people.

Now all we need is an idea for an infomercial, a decision on which video app to use, a music selection and we are on our way.

*We are still casting the dancing zombies by the way, so if you are not technically alive and can bust a move give us a call.

Here is what we have so far.