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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Introducing the Third Party Candidate of your dreams.

Tuesday, another day in the grind. Another step in an endless journey. Another brick in the wall. I am drinking yesterdays coffee, and it tastes awful. The sun is shining through the windows, but it is not a friendly warmth, it is a glaring heat. It casts shadows that hide awful surprises. It is a day booby trapped with potential disaster.

Yes, it is the Arizona and the Utah primaries, and that means... Well, I don't know if it really means anything too important. But, people are making a big deal about it, and this primary season has been a little more televised than most.

It might be the presence of a reality television star. It does have the air of outrageous entertainment. The circus has come to town. 

"You flip and you flop under the big white top
As the long legged ring mistress starts and stops
But, you know after all the act is wearing thin, 
as the crowd grows uneasy, and the boos begin."*

A couple of years ago there was a huge backlash against incumbent office holders. Everybody was angry at Washington, and thought there should be a change, a purge, wash away the old, and start fresh. 

Now we have the ultimate outsider and people love him, some people love him anyway.  Some people despise him. But, as Donald Trump said, "you can't make an omelet without busting some heads." **

Traditionalists are worried. It has become American Idol for President. Or professional wrestling for the White House. Nobody would probably be too surprised if some masked behemoth in tights came out and body slammed Donald Trump during a debate.

The stage would erupt in a melee of painful and dangerous looking holds, kicks, and punches. And the winner would be the nominee. I am rooting for the Undertaker myself. "The Legendary Deadman" for president.

Sadly, despite the entertainment value provided by the Republican party this year they are probably still reluctant to go quite that far. But, we shouldn't rule out a third party candidacy. Why stop at three. Maybe Andy Warhol meant we should all have a shot at being a candidate for president. A democracy for the people.

With that in mind, I nominate Bil for president. He is a decent guy, who is fairly good at math and has never held office, of any type. He is the working man's hero, willing to pitch in and help when things get rough, and he has neat penmanship.  

Bil for President, donate now.

*Thank you, Jethro Tull.

** He didn't really say that. I just made it up.