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Saturday, March 19, 2016

A Plea for Help and a Plea to #fixtheplus

We are now entering the second round of the NCAA tournament. "The round of thirty two." And I have yet to watch a complete game. Part of it has been the fact that I have been consumed by writing and "researching"* my book.** But mostly it has been terribly busy at work, which is where I have historically started.

It seemed sickening that people would want their product shipped at such an inopportune time as the first round of the NCAA tournament. What kind of monsters are we doing business with.

But, I realized that most of the problem came with our international distributors. Turns out people in Europe, scattered around the Pacific Rim, in the Middle East, and other places not in the US care very little for the sanctity of the tournament.

So, I come to you, Life Explained Nation, well nation is probably the wrong term, Life Explained
Universe, if you live in another country tell your friends, coworkers, employers, everybody you know, about the importance of getting things done in advance of the NCAA tournament next year.
Muscles not to scale

It might not hurt to take out an ad in the local paper, or buy some time during a news broadcast. Whatever it takes to get the word out.

Thank you, we appreciate your support,


Life Explained, department of basketball watching.

*Which involved poking around online for Missouri River dams in South Dakota, and then deciding to send my cousins husband a facebook message, he knows a lot about South Dakota, and the Missouri River (thanks Randy). And then poking around a little more on line and eventually asking my son about Viking religious beliefs, particularly the beliefs about life after death, he knows a lot about history, sometimes more than I can believe (thank you, son).

**I would like to apologize for this latest plug for an unfinished novel (close to finished, though), I'm sorry. And I would like to promise you it won't happen again, but that would be a lie. In fact, we, here at Life Explained, are looking for someone to head up our new "Shameless Self Promotion" department. Must have an oversized ego, and the ability to send messages to people who know stuff, and things.