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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Campaign Coverage from Life Explained

Super Tuesday Part Deux, or Dos, or Two, or B, (whichever you prefer, any of them is fine with us) has pretty much wrapped up. Except for Missouri which may take until Friday. Some people will do anything for attention. Show Me, yeah right, show us the winner.

As far as election years go this has been the most entertaining. Most of the candidates have kept it blissfully detail free. Even for presidential politics, these hopefuls have been several standard deviations above the mean. 

We can probably thank Donald Trump for part of that. It would be very difficult to flesh out the meat of positions that change so often. He is a master at saying what people want to hear, no matter what. His stump speeches are a masterpiece of pandering, and manipulation. People seem to embrace his outsider status, even though he may actually be the next evolution of politician. 

Lindsay Graham said "If you murdered Ted Cruz on the floor of the senate and the trial was in the senate nobody would convict you." One unnamed Republican was quoted as saying that Cruz seems to be "covered in a thick layer of people repellent." It is difficult to be much more of an outsider than that. Somehow he is outside his peers, his coworkers and seems to be shooting for outside of humanity.

John Kasich won Ohio, and nowhere else. He lost every other state yesterday, and every other day since the campaign started. And he promptly accepted the nomination. Not really, but he vowed to keep going. In 2008 many people felt Kasich was campaigning for Vice President. Maybe he never stopped.

In Michigan voters who value honesty gave Bernie Sanders an 80 to 19 advantage. And that seems to be the norm. But, Clinton is kicking his socialist Utopian bottom all over the country. Politicians have a reputation for dishonesty, but her reputation is extreme even by modern standards. She may be another progression in modern political design.

This is the political landscape, and these are our choices. So go, cast your vote, and wallow in a sense of sense worth. But, take heart, we are not alone. Remember the words of the greatest Ohioan of all time, Ambrose Bierce.

IDIOTn. A member of a large and powerful tribe whose influence in human affairs has always been dominant and controlling. The Idiot's activity is not confined to any special field of thought or action, but "pervades and regulates the whole." He has the last word in everything; his decision is unappealable. He sets the fashions of opinion and taste, dictates the limitations of speech and circumscribes conduct with a dead-line.