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Friday, April 1, 2016

The Only Blogging Advice You Need. #FixThePlus

Blogging is an odd thing. It is something you have to do for yourself. And when I started, so long, so many posts ago, I did. Of course I always wanted people to read them, else why bother, but I was prepared to put it out there and be ignored. For the first several years that is what happened.

Then I started reading The Whacko Blogs. And I started to learn a few things. And the creator and genius, +Jeremy Crow  behind the whole group of blogs offered to help me. And he did. And people started reading my posts. With the help of his graphically gifted wife he redesigned my blogs, making them appealing and much easier to read.

Jeremy does not have any secrets to his success, he has steps to being successful. And he is willing to share them. His advice is practical and concrete, there is no jargon, no indecipherable acronyms, just guidelines on attracting and keeping readers. Moreover he is willing to let everybody know how to do things the right way.

Yesterday I was reading his Fitness Blog, another place where he helps people without judgement, without reservation, and with his own style, and noticed the list of his other blogs at the bottom. A simple message and a little help and I had my own.

If you are a blogger, or enjoy reading blogs, Jeremy is the guy to follow. If you want to get healthier Jeremy is the guy to follow. If you want a good laugh Jeremy is the guy to follow. He is the guy, in general.

On this #followFriday, the best thing you can do is follow The Whacko Blogs, and Jeremy. It is all the blogging advice you need, in one sentence.

Thank you, Jeremy, you are the man.