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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Wow, that was quite a day, He is so brave. #FixThePlus

Yesterday I took the plunge, I bought new glasses, actually I took the plunge twice, I bought a new pair of glasses and a new pair of sunglasses. Here is a photo with both.

Oh, and I did get a hair cut as well. Which means that I took the plunge three times. That is quite a day.

The glasses were on sale, buy one get one free, and it is hard to find glasses I really like (glasses with round frames). The sale ended yesterday. So despite having sacrificed so painfully getting a haircut I had to bolster myself and brave the opticians.

Digging deep I swaggered into the shop and looked at the glasses. A week ago I had my wife take pictures of me in four different frames, and I had spent seven days looking at each, weighing the merits of the various frames, asked my friends, family, and coworkers which they preferred.

By the time we arrived, strolled confidently in the shop I had it narrowed down to four frames. Dammit, which was best?!! Using brutal logic I picked the two you see under the unruly mop above.

We ordered the glasses and the weight of the day was crushing me, I was shaking and had trouble breathing, my vision was foggy, and I barely made it out alive.

My wife, my delicate little angel said, "Hey let's go to the shoe department at Macy's. It is so relaxing."

OK, do you mind if I wait here, under the car, where it is safe?

But, I have a new haircut, and will have new, round glasses in seven to ten days, so it was all worth it, maybe.