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Monday, April 4, 2016

It is Time to Take the Band Wagon For a Spin #FixThePlus.

Recently a friend, who is very wise and accomplished in the vagaries of "social media" suggested a few minor changes to my Twitter "strategy." Since my Twitter "strategy, to that point, had been tweet something once in a while, it seemed like a good idea. It was a great idea. With just a few changes and a minimum effort his predictions came true.

In essence, he said "take one of the trending hashtags and tweet about it and people will follow you." Of course, there were other things, about changing the name, adding a picture, but in less than two weeks I have sixty new followers, and almost every day add a few more. It still amazes me.

This blog has a facebook page, and I decided to experiment with that a little bit. For the most part my plan there has been posting links to this blog, and having a cup of coffee. So far it has worked great, I love coffee. But, nobody pays any attention to the Facebook page.

With the recent success of my Twitter page I have decided to start experimenting with the Facebook component of Life Explained. Of course that requires adding unique things to Life Explained Invades Facebook. So the good news is there are unique things on Twitter, and Facebook. The bad news is, there are new things on Facebook, and Twitter.

If you can't get enough of Life Explained you are probably in need of a little counseling, but until you have reached your deductible and the psychiatric benefits kick in feel free to join in at the above addresses, it is free, and mostly in good fun.

If you are already sick of the nonsense well go ahead and join anyway. What do you have to lose? It may grow on you. And you can always use it to prove that you are still sane. "See, I'm a lot healthier than that guy." And I think you are, really.

So, happy Monday, Welcome to the work week, only four days left.