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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Choice 2016, not much, though.

While reading "And the Ass Saw an Angel*" by Nick Cave there was a paragraph that was so beautifully written and so troubling in content I had to read it aloud to my wife. It was when Euchrid entered the abandoned church and found the ruined interior.

"O God!" ah thought, sickened by the sight, "what have they done to your house?" But there came no reply —for, clearly, God didn't live there anymore. Looted, desecrated, vandalized, befouled—the church had been trashed and an abomination was upon everything. All the gold and glory—gone. The stench of all that's foul and human hung heavy in the air—air that once had been fragrant with incense. The floor was covered in garbage—a sea of open tins and empty bottles, all murky green and brown.

She asked me what I thought Nick Cave felt about God. I told her from what I could tell from his music and his book he seemed devout enough, and had no trouble with the Lord above, but he had no faith in mankind.  Perhaps I just read my own sentiment into Mr. Cave's words. Humanity is untrustworthy, deceitful, and manipulative.

Politicians are the worst of the lot. Sometimes I can bring myself to vote for one of them, but not often, and certainly not comfortably. Which is why I follow, with great delight, The Washington Post Fact Checker, reading gleefully when the lies and misrepresentations of politicos are exposed. It is a source of great joy.

If the Fact Checker were to grade on a curve Donald Trump would make the others seem honest, as least as honest as they can be without ruining their status as people. He piles up the "Pinocchios" with astonishing speed and amazing regularity. It seems he will say almost anything, and often does. Meet the new age of campaign rhetoric.

Paul Ryan said he would not back Trump for president unless he was more willing to embrace established Republican positions, and they agreed to a meeting. What does Speaker Ryan think he is going to hear? What magic beans will Nominee Trump have to trade for the Speakers support?

Even if Trump were to come to the meeting and espouse everything Romney and Ryan touted in 2012 why would anyone believe a word? If, after the meeting, Ryan heartily endorses Trump, beating the bushes for the Donald, would that spell the end of his career, the end of his beloved Ayn Rand experiment? What does anybody have to gain from this meeting? Trump is the nominee, Ryan is the spokesperson of the new inclusive movement of Republican party how do they hope to reconcile that?

Either way, the election is shaping up to be a mudslinging slugfest of unparalleled proportions, a months long drama of billionaires swinging their purses at each other over and over again until the American public reaches a fever pitch, and a full 45 to 67 percent of us vote. I'll see you on the other side, my friends.