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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Next Stop, (I'm still working on that.) Part 3 (tales of the resistance)

This is part three of a never ending series of posts. I have the beginning, the end and most of the middle figured out, But stringing them all together may take some time. So, read, enjoy, and click on the ads.

Part 1.
Part 2.

Billy and Kevin led us around an obtuse corner, and told us to stop. "Stand here, and don't look back around the corner, but don't get comfortable either. We are just going to be a second." Kevin said, looking us in the eye. The seriousness in his voice and the intensity of his stare made me uncomfortable, and I could tell from the way Joe fidgeted and moved he was a little intimidated as well.

From either end they grabbed a barrel, hoisting it quickly and easily up to their chest. Rushing back around the corner, we heard the barrel bouncing down the tunnel we had just run through.

"Aren't those guys from the custodial staff?" I whispered to Joe, afraid they would hear me. These were clearly men of action, men of action who had me stuck in a tunnel, and I was in no hurry to cross them.

Joe said "I knew I recognized those clothes! I couldn't place them, but..." A small pop and an unusually odd sort of whoosh sound was followed by a gust of wind that carried an odd, industrial smell. Followed quickly by our captors/saviors.

"What was that?" I asked.

"It was a barrel of spray foam insulation. The kind that expands so much. We sealed off the tunnel, temporarily. It won't take long for them to dig through so we have to hurry." Billy said, turning to run.

"You have a barrel of foam insulation? That stuff is ridiculously expensive. Who sells it by the barrel? How did you afford it?" I was shocked that the words were coming from my mouth. The only thing I wanted less than to run down this dark, musty tunnel with these guys is to have them lose their temper and leave me behind. For one thing, they had the lights, secondly, if Becky dug through that foam insulation with such an awful headache she was going to be furious, and third I would be alone, in a dark tunnel filled with God knows what. But, the absurdity of the situation was starting to press in on the sides of my head, and force the questions out.

"Look, we bought it off Amazon, they have everything. And we used the company account, because you're right, it cost a fortune." Kevin said, "now can we go?"

Joe must have felt emboldened by my ill timed questions. He blurted out, "aren't you guys custodians? Is your budget that big?"

Kevin and Billy looked at each other, then at Joe. Kevin said, "and maintenance personnel."

"Oh." Joe said. And we all started running.