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Monday, July 25, 2016

Bob has a problem, we have a solution.

It is a sad day, here at Life Explained. We were just getting ready to launch our Planetary Expeditionary Vehicle, (PEV) the culmination of months of not having enough to do, when we realized our Proprietary Cold Fusion Drive was "non operational."  It was broken, in fact it might never have worked.

Turns out the person (Bob) in charge of developing the drive for the ship had a little problem with the ponies. And when we say a little problem with the ponies we mean a huge, glaring weakness. An all consuming need, a unquenchable desire. He had to ride the ponies.

It started simply enough. He hired a pony for his son's birthday party, and they "pony wrangler" let him take if for a quick spin. He was hooked.

At first he just drove around the various neighborhoods looking for birthday parties where they had rented a pony. That was never enough. Is there truly ever enough?

Soon he was hiring a pony every weekend, and sometimes on Wednesday. Eventually he dropped off the bowling team.

He couldn't just hire a pony, though. That would be too weird. He had to throw a party. And they kept getting increasingly elaborate. Bounce houses, clowns, tiny, for hire ferris wheels. Catered affairs that kept the neighbors suspicions aroused, but since they were getting fed twice a week they were willing to look the other way, even if they were packing on the extra pounds from all the pizza and cake.

All of this just to feed his addiction. It was sad, Bob is in rehab, and apparently doing quite well. His neighbors have all joined Weight Watchers, at our expense. We have turned the PEV into a camper and are going to the North Shore on in Michigan and spending a little time on Lake Superior. It will be fun. Once the election is over it will be business as usual, and we probably wouldn't have time for space exploration anyway.