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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Now Hiring, Pharmaceutical Geniuses.

We, here at the Ohio Division of Life Explained (ODLE), have decided to branch out a little. No worries, we are still going to provide the governments of the world with the finest detonatable and incendiary technology possible. But, the potential profit in pharmaceutical development and sales is almost impossible to resist.

Seriously, it is like a siren's song calling us to the rocky, dangerous shores of the island Wealth. Where there are enormous piles of money waiting for anybody who can navigate the treacherous waters of government interference and obstruction. Who knows better the safe streams and canals of congressional bribery* than the intrepid sailors of the Life Explained Legal Department.**

We are still trying to decide on the type of medicine we are going to start developing first, maybe something that will help people who are allergic to sodium and have heartburn. Start small, you know. Maybe something that helps people who are sensitive to bright lights, and still want to be famous. The possibilities are endless, and the earnings gigantic. We like the sound of that.

Please join us in our quest to make life better and get filthy rich, send your resume to;

Life Explained Pharmaceutical Division
Are there holes in your life that you're trying to fill
Because if you have a problem, boy, we have a pill***

* Just kidding, I am sure the good people in the government are all trying their hardest to keep us safe. If they make a little cash who can blame them, hey we all have to eat, right?

** Sorry, I am still excited by my new Kayak (name pending) and am trying to work in nautical references whenever possible, matey.

*** Thank you, Micheal Stanley Band. You could really rock and roll.