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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Life Explained explains life, part 1.

Life is funny sometimes. It makes you laugh until your sides hurt kind of funny. Sometimes it is funny in a makes you scratch your head in amazed wonder. Occasionally it is the kind of funny that makes you want to scream in horror, not really funny at all. In fact life is kind of a roller coaster. And the funny thing, if you want to call it funny, is not everybody likes roller coasters.

Here is something to think about. Even people who like roller coasters don't like the parts of life that would be the valleys of the ride. The low parts of life that are trying, difficult and painful. Maybe life would be more similar to a hike through the woods. Parts are happy, easy cruising, pleasant sunshine peeking through the leaves hanging on the fruit laden trees.

In a flash the situation changes. There is a rain storm hurling cold drops of ice water at you with the force of a major league fastball. Lightning is flashing, thunder crashes, and the wind is howling, and you could swear it is screaming "I am coming for you."

When you seek comfort in a cave you discover it is the lair of a large, smelly, hungry predator. Andyou run  at top speed out into the gathering disaster. Leaving all of your belongings in the cave. Dangit!!!

But, as you cross the ridge praying for safety there is a resort, complete with gift shop, discount groceries, and a movie theater.

Life is funny that way, sometimes. So, as you go through your days keep your eyes on the horizon, keep your mind on the trail, and keep your wits about you. And, whatever else you do, subscribe to Life Explained, your source for the explanation of life.  Don't forget to donate to our new podcast* you won't regret it, as long as you don't donate too much.

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