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Saturday, August 13, 2016

A baseball game with endless possibilities

It is August and summer is grudgingly fading. It is not going gently, it is sending waves of heat and humidity in a last ditch attempt to squeeze the life out of flowers, lawns and humanity. But, signs are on the horizon of coming Autumn. Mostly bus stop reports on the morning news. That is enough to offer a little hope, though.

My wife works at a local high school, she is a year long employee, but she sees the signs of approaching fall every day. Teachers scurry in, preparing classrooms, attending meetings, gearing up for another school year.

Another sure sign of the changing season is the fall school party. This year it is a trip to the local minor league baseball game. I am very excited.

I am not a real baseball fan, but going to a game is almost magic. Crisp clean baselines, freshly mowed grass with laser sharp lines cut along the base path, bat meeting ball. Sights and sounds and smells of American summer, and the it is all mine and it is all free. At least tomorrow.

Plus, they are having a tailgate party in one of the parking lots right by the stadium, with food, and
drinks, and festivities. I am not so sure about the festivities, but food and drink sounded so skimpy, and festivities fits right in there. Plus, depending on how loosely you define "festivities" there is almost certain to be something that qualifies.

Here is the good part, for you in the Life Explained Nation, I am going to make a video of the day. Recently I have acquired several new apps to produce videos, yes, it is an addiction, and an intervention is probably the only answer, but these have exciting possibilities, subtle nuances, and enhancements that will make any outing seem much more exciting.

I am starting a new chapter in my life. A chapter where everything I do is going to be enhanced and made to seem more exciting, and interesting, all through the process of careful app acquisition, and video enhancements. Life is good, soon to be great. Here is a small sample.