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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Lunch, Anyone?

It is almost lunch time, a magical place. Really, lunch is a small vacation in the middle of the day. We here, at Life Explained love lunch. The anticipation starts shortly after we arrive. It builds throughout the morning, and erupts into a gleeful celebration at LUNCH time. 

"Hey, Bob, nice tie. It goes well with the lab coat and glasses. And it reminds me of the burrito I bought for lunch. It has chorizo, ground beef, and chicken. It will be fantastic." Lenny says, pouring a cup of coffee. He takes a slow drink and the mug is adorned with a picture of Lenny's wife grilling a T-bone on a charcoal grill, the red embers glow and smoke, as the meat sizzles, and a slight smell of grilled steak fills the air. 

"Wow, that cup is fantastic. Where did you get it?" Bob asks, the excitement in his voice makes it rise and almost sound a little effeminate.

"We made it down in the Synthesis lab. Turns out if you use the proper mixture of sublimate and nano robots, and record a short scene with a high definition camera you can actually animate a scene to an extent. It is an exciting breakthrough and the company is going to make a fortune, and we can all retire with millions." Lenny said, looking longingly at the steak, grilling so wonderfully on his cup.

"Sounds fantastic." Bob said, "I bought leftover pizza, with extra peppers, bacon bits and sausage. It is extraordinary. I can't wait."

"Me either," Lenny said, "see you at lunch."