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Thursday, August 18, 2016

A new chapter in the Life Explained story

In the Fifties the United States government built a small facility on a remote mountain top in New Mexico. It is a desolate, isolated, rock covered elevation, removed from humanity by desert, distance and local tales of the ghosts of Spanish adventurers, Comanche Indians and gold prospectors.
On top of this lonely rock, in the middle of nowhere they constructed a small building approximately 100 feet long and 35 feet wide. The grey, unadorned walls almost blend in with the surroundings. As do the huge electrical conduits that appear almost magically out of the ground at the base and snake up the side following the path of least resistance. Clearly, whatever is housed in the small shed consumes a lot of power.
The few brave souls that have climbed high enough to see what was up there were turned back by the 15 feet high electrified fence. Topped with razor wire and reinforced with steel columns. If the visitor loitered too long a heavily armed, hostile soldier would come from the facility asking them to leave. A helicopter would appear and follow them down the mountain.
Inside the small, bland, almost invisible structure sat three technicians. They were responsible for attempting to contact a life form on a distant planet, at the far reaches of the galaxy. The laws of physics and mathematics had proven the existence of a planet, almost a mirror image of Earth, inhabited by an intelligent life form.
It was, the government felt at the time, imperative we establish relationships with the beings “before Ivan could.” Some things never change. But, as the years went by, the likelihood of communicating with the far planet seemed to diminish with each administration until it was decided to “quit throwing good money after bad” and put the facility on the auction block.
That is where we come in. Welcome to the new Life Explained Isolated New Mexico Deep Space Radio Operation. Man, we got that place for a song.
It is the first step in our Space Colonization Program. We always wondered how to track our
exploratory ships, the constant stream of supplies, the mining and building operations, and the possibility of finding other life forms. Now thanks to the government we can do all that, and maybe meet a few New Mexican desert ghosts.

If you are interested in a rotating shift at the facility send your resume Dr. Dawg. Include a cover letter describing what you would do if you actually met a ghost, and your favorite brand of frozen burrito.