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Friday, August 19, 2016

Why Rahul sued Tim? - Chapter 2. $1500 TO $900 MILLION!

Read part 1 of this tale of woe here, the final chapter will be posted soon.

The YouTube's sensational blogger  Octopus Ryan not only brought me $1500, but a Mixed martial arts contract as well. I remember getting the call from Dana Maroon. I was having a shower, as I got a call transfer from my robotic assistant Ashley on my bathroom's receiver. "Who's this?" I said stammering and shivering due to the cold late winter night shower.

"This is Dana Maroon, the president of Pocket MMA. Would you like to fight for us? We'll give you $218k in advance, plus a 13% revenue share for 8 fights."

"What?" I couldn't believe what I had just heard. "Are you THE Mr. Maroon?"

"Don't act cheesy, son. Meet me in my secret office, my driver will pick you up from your house."

The rest is history. Not many earthly being know this, but I know alternating universe's exist. For, I have been to one. His driver turned out to be a very beautiful lady. She must have been 2 inches taller than myself, but had the perfect physique. "Hey!" I acknowledged, but she didn't say a word, but punched me at once to unconsciousness, and the next I remember, was that I was sitting at the locker room area of some huge building. While, I was trying to find another creature. Two people appeared out of nowhere, thumping into the floor just in front of where I stood.

"I'm Dana, THE BOSS, and this is Tim Clark." The bigger of the two Men in black said. 

"Where am I?" I queried.

"A few light years away from home. Don't worry, I'll drop you home after the fight. I am based on Earth as well. You better change your gear now. You've injured my fighter - Shark Shane. Now, you fight for me."

It started like that, and my life was changed for ever. Weekly, I was taking on the best they had to offer, be it hybrid whales, walking Anacondas, boxing camels, and God knows what more, but they all lacked the skills I had, and my great mental strength made sure, I always prevailed. As March, 2015 came up, so did a $200 million contract. I was soon headlining shows with billions watching live. By December, 2015, I had competed in 40 fights, still undefeated. Then, Tim Clark met again.

"Would you work for us?"

"Don't I already?"

"No, I mean, screw that Maroon. I want you to leave busting your head for money, but I want you to work at Life, explained - Earth headquarters as a Finance executive. You can bring some discipline to our office, and get some loans, and see to it that money is spent well, we are bigger than ever."
"Does that mean I've to wear business suit at office?"

"Yes, but you'll earn $900 million a year."


The offer was too good to let go, and I was tired of travelling light years with a woman who didn't like to talk, and threw punches for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Right there, I killed my fortunes, and then I was to see the darkness as the lights went off.