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Monday, August 8, 2016

Life Explains Health Care

Today we are starting a new feature here on Life Explained.  It will be an ongoing project, lasting, at least, until the end of this post.  We are going to discuss modern medicine, and the implications of testing, treatments, prescriptions, and the awful burden it places on society.  I am kind of an expert, because I have been to the dentist and the doctor recently.

First we need to cover health insurance.  My view on health insurance can be summed up in two words, "Thank you."

Point #1.   Health care is expensive, ridiculously expensive, insanely so. Going to the doctor is the most expensive thing you could do in twenty minutes.  It costs a fortune just to see a doctor, and if they actually do anything to improve your health, well, let's just say, without coverage of some kind plan on curing it alone.*

Point #2.  You can never make a doctor happy.  Even though I attack my gum line with floss in a manner that would have made a Spanish Inquisitor proud, it always seems a little lacking when my dentist and his hygienist have their hands and several pointed instruments in my mouth. There are sighs and looking away. And I walk out of there feeling guilty.

Point #2, continued.  A few extra pounds, a small increase in blood pressure, a serum cholesterol number that is not "ideal" sends my doctor into an apoplectic rage. He makes it sound as though I am trying to undermine his career. "How am I going to be able to face my peers if you die?"

Point 4. Health care is expensive, really pricey, way out of the reach of most of us. And doctors can be officious, cruel, and uncompromising.

Our advice is don't get sick, don't get injured, and don't go the doctor.*

You will thank us later.

* the old adage "A physician who treats himself has a fool for a patient" makes no mention of bloggers. Keep your eye opened for Life Explained Self Diagnosis and Home Remedy, you won't be sorry, even if you live.