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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Life Is Still Unexplained, but We Are Trying.

Recently I read about a quarterback in the NFL who sat through the national anthem. He was, it seems, taking a stand against discrimination. It seems a safe bet that if this fails he will try laying down next week. I am all for equality, and applaud people willing to sacrifice for the cause. But, this is the best he has. It falls a little short of the standard sat by Martin Luther King. 
Personally, I don't much care for professional sports, and the NFL is my least favorite. And, I am not
overly patriotic, so if the guy wants to sit out during a display of nationalism it is ok with me. But, it is really difficult for me to consider it as a noble act of giving.
Yesterday Donald Trump announced he was going to visit Mexico. He had been invited by the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto. This is a little odd, because Trump had built a large portion of his following promising to deport all the “criminals and rapists” which he seemed to feel were Mexico’s largest export, and build a wall along the border. Adding to the circus were Nieto’s comments comparing Trump to Hitler.

Politics does make for strange bed fellows. Maybe Nieto, who is glaringly unpopular and in the midst of a plagiarism scandal and whose poll numbers and abysmal, thought he had found someone who is even more detested.
Anyway, these things remind me that the Mission of Life Explained, which is to find an explanation for the inexplicable, to provide answers for the indecipherable, and guidance through the storms of modern life is more crucial than ever. But, it isn’t always easy. You can thank us later, though. We are too busy to have a drink with you right now.