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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Another election, congratulations, and condolences,

The election is over, Trump is the winner, and I can live with that. Not that there is much choice. I voted, but only because my wife makes me. Years of casting a ballot has never produced even the smallest feeling of accomplishment, or satisfaction. Quite the opposite, it has left a feeling of forced, uncomfortable compromise.

In my earliest years the rancorous sounds of political campaigns left me feeling a little ashamed, and those politicians were mute, and polite by the standards of today. Now we have never ending news coverage, and "journalists" so slanted that they might as well work for one campaign or the other.

I was never able to put much faith in democracy. A disquieting feeling of corruption and vice always seemed to pervade the whole process.  Once I was old enough to figure out what "redistricting" meant the whole facade of fairness fell away. There is election fraud, and it is carried out on a mass scale by the government, the people elected to be impartial, to work for America, and its citizens. Turns out they were working for themselves, or at the very least their political party.

It is possible they have convinced themselves they are doing the right thing, by doing their best to turn the country into a one party system, all while screaming at the top of their voices from the highest mountain tops that they hold the constitution as a sacred text.

It might be time for me to take a stand. I don't normally tell my wife no. "No, I am no longer taking part in this seamy little charade. The country will have to carry on the ridiculous illusion of free will without me, I refuse to suspend my disbelief any longer." It makes me feel better just typing that.

So, for those of you who wanted Hillary to win, suffer miserably, and for those of you who wanted
Trump to win, gloat insufferably. Either way, don't believe too much is going to change, it never does, and don't think for a minute that any of them will really help, they won't, they don't care.

Politics has always, to me, been an ugly business, filled with ugly people doing ugly things, and it only seems to have gotten worse. And it will probably continue down that dark, disturbing path until somehow it melts down completely. And everybody will say "we should have listened to Tim." I really hate being right all of the time.