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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Life, How to Survive.

Life is not a constant. It flows around obstacles, a stream that runs through a shifting bed of rocks, fallen trees, and shifting, changing hazards. Each capable of sinking your fragile boat. All you can do is navigate as best as you can, and hope for a little luck.

Luck is not always so helpful, though. Sometimes luck can turn around, and go bad, like cheese accidentally put in the cupboard instead of the refrigerator. Luck can be good, or bad, and shifts back and forth without much effort. No, you should rely on hard work, instead.

Hard work is its own reward they say. And it never hurts to put your shoulder to the wheel, and your nose to the grindstone. Well, it can hurt your shoulder, and your nose. And you have to push the shoulder on the wheel with something. Which will cause your back and your legs to be a little sore and stiff. And, if you think about it putting your nose on a grindstone, well that is just not a good idea, and there is no way to make it sound good. Maybe a person should rely on instincts.

Mankind has made it this far by outsmarting all of the things trying so hard to destroy it.  Hungry predators, fatal disease, cruel climate, and changing conditions have been trying to turn the knob and end the reign of mankind for generations. Yet, man in his weak flesh, and downgraded sensory array has managed to survive, even flourish. Of course most people would not survive long if they did not have insulated walls, thermal, fashionable clothing and wifi. Maybe, instincts have dulled with the supremacy afforded by technologically advancements.  Maybe intelligence is enough to save man from the trash heap of history.

It is intelligence that gave man wifi and North Face clothing. Forced air furnaces and frosty, blended
margaritas. Intelligence affords a certain standard of living for man, and his domesticated animals. Intelligence provides automobiles for travel so man can be comfortable zipping from one comfortable location to another.  Intelligence gave mankind jet planes, loaded with bombs to rush in drop high explosives on strangers, flame throwers for setting people on fire without crossing the street. Technology is kind of a double edged sword that cuts deeply, often, terribly, and without regard for right, wrong, ideology, or origin.

Tune in next week I will have the answer.