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Friday, March 10, 2017

Weekends, coffee and the beast within.

Today is Friday. It is kind of a big deal to me. Though, most days my job is so easy and I like it so much the only real difference is the alarm clock and the coffee maker. Even when I wake up early on the weekend, a disturbing event that happens with increasing regularity, it isn't to the braying, intrusive sound of the alarm clock. And I have more choices in coffee. It makes for a pleasant start to a day.

Neither are without danger, though. Right now, for example, I am being stalked by a wild animal. Oh, he is a wily one, that one.

One time, without warning, he took the cookie right out our shipping guy's hand. Unless you count the jumping, and bouncing and attempting to grab the cookie out of his hand as a warning.

Occasionally, without provocation he will just get up and move to a spot of the floor where the sun's rays are shining through, spreading warmth, and a feeling of well being. You really have to be on your toes.  It's a jungle around here.

And if you are a cardboard box you might as well not make any plans for the future.

So, today is my kind of day. Tomorrow is my kind of day, too. Both of them come complete with my kind of coffee, because I am not really all that fussy. About my days,or my coffee.