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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Goodbye James Comey, an Omen.

I read about the firing of the James Comey with a casual indifference. As a private citizen the Director of the FBI is almost invisible to me. This Director certainly was more infamous than most, but, had it not been for a vile, toxic presidential election I probably wouldn't have even known his name.

A quick, incomplete search led me to the surprising conclusion that he was an honorable man. He spent years doing the right thing, at odds with the president at times, he refused to bow. Of course, to my liberal, "leftist" thinking he did at least one odious thing. But, he had a long career, and seemed to be a man of honor, as much as possible in the cesspool of the nations capital.

What really bothers me is the method. Who would do that? Who could do that? How can you justify firing a man in such a cowardly fashion. He learned about his firing on television, while giving a speech to his employees. Is that our vision for making America great again?

There was a belief, and it was widespread, that Trump's managerial acumen would provide a solid foundation for the enormous requirements of presidency. I think, what we witnessed yesterday should lay that myth to rest finally. It is difficult to say how much the man is worth in monetary value, but it is no doubt he is morally bankrupt, it is the only explanation.

We are now stuck with a complete novice driving the boat. He has surrounded himself with people sharing his views almost exactly. He lashes out childishly, impetuously at anybody who questions him, and vengeance seems to be his most compelling motivation. Republican leaders in congress are quiet and complicit. What could go wrong?

"The world is not fair, and often fools, cowards, liars and the selfish hide in high places." Bryant H. McGill