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Saturday, April 13, 2013

We Spare No Expense To Keep You Informed.

Another new and useful tool in the ongoing effort to keep the world safe. Sparing no expense, we here at Life, Explained have purchased BlogPress to help bring you the latest threats to your existence, plus any news we might find interesting enough to type a few words about.
Since this application will let me maneuver photos and videos on screen we are going to try to add one of each here.

Here is the actual plane we actually used to fly to Nebraska, (please note the parking ticket on the passenger side of the windshield, we all had to pitch in to pay that off before they would let us leave, the TSA is branching out a bit, sequestration has been hard on everyone) while I did not pilot the plane, I was ready, in case there were problems, and they needed help. In fact, thanks to a couple of extra cups of coffee, and a little less sleep I was in a state of hyper awareness perfect for flying or landing a plane.

YouTube Video

And here is the plane we that flew us to Omaha taking off. It was very relaxing, if you don't mind riding inside a huge cylinder hurtling through the air.

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