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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Yet Another Chance to Save the County.

Senator Rand Paul recently made a trip to Iowa, and is planning on visiting New Hampshire and South Carolina. He claimed that the locations were completely coincidental, but it does not take a Beltway Power Broker to understand that this is the first round of the Rand Paul Presidential Campaign. Which is fine, the country is in such good shape elected officials really have no need to spend all of their time trying to solve America's problems.

Of course, that was just a joke, the country is a mess. And Senator Paul is no more or less guilty than other officials, getting elected and re-elected can be a full time job, and running for President is a demanding, daunting task. Just raising the money to explore the possibility of a run for the Office of President is terrifyingly time consuming.

Things have become so bad lately though, it might be time to consider a change. Elections are won and lost on the campaign trail, not in the confines of the Houses of the Senate. People really don't care what an elected official has done, only what they are willing to promise. Obviously, somebody needs to be on the trail, pressing the flesh, kissing the babies, raising the money, and most importantly trashing the opponent.

There is a very simple alternative. Politicians should be forced to hire actors to campaign for them. Paid, professional, practiced speakers, who can emulate the elected official while the office holder is holding the office, and governing.
Congress people can monitor the activity and make sure the speech writers and actors are portraying the candidate correctly, and still have many more hours to run the country.

Of course, this will not be necessary once we have perfected the cloning process, let's check in with Dr. Dawg and see how that is progressing.

As you can see it might be while before this technology is ready for elected officials (cynics, please add your own joke here). But, that does not deter from the fact that system is in need of a little work, maybe some revamping.  If you like this idea call your elected representative and pass it on.  And, if you are an actor, then send in a resume, and a few photos, plus a video clip or two.  Remember, you are saving the country.

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