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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


We here at Life Explained have been researching many ways to promote the blog.  Only with the most noble intentions, of course.  Think of the lives we could irrevocably alter with increased viewership, of course, we may be able to bring in a few advertisers as well, and make a little coin off the deal, we consider that very noble.

By the way, we are still interested in a corporate stooge position if any very large, extremely profitable corporations that pay exorbitant, ridiculous salaries are interested.  We are willing to negotiate on company car and expense account, we are reasonable, after all.

Sorry, we got off track.  In an effort to increase page views, public awareness and the quality of life for the citizens of the world, we are having a contest.  Calm down, we know it is exciting, but get a hold of yourself, you are making us nervous.

After a heated debate between the legal department, accounting, marketing, the technical people, customer service the custodians, and Pipe Fitters Union 472 West London, (the Fightin' Plumbers of Central OH) (we are not sure how they got involved, but they bought some donuts and coffee so we let them take part in the decision).  It was acrimonious, but finally we decided to give away an autographed copy of our book.

We have not decided which book, yet, Sara from Marketing thinks it should be a Gothic romance novel with ghosts, and maybe pirates, but Ted the lead custodian is leaning toward "The Watchers," by Dean R. Koontz.  It will be great, whatever it is.

To enter all you need to do is guess which number we are thinking, it is between 1 and 75.  Email your guess to  We will announce the winner next Tuesday, or Wednesday, it depends on which day we can actually think of something decent to post.

Thank you, enter as often as you wish, within reason, don't just guess every number, that would be more work than it is worth, and we are not going to read them all anyway, we are way too busy.

Thank you, your dedicated Life Explained, staff.
Wouldn't that make a great movie