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Friday, June 28, 2013

Project management, for the busy professional.

Today we are going to learn how to finish large projects almost effortlessly.  Many times a new undertaking can seem overwhelming.  What if you wanted to build a really big boat, to transport shipping containers across the ocean.  That would seem almost impossible, wouldn't it?  But, if you break it down into small parts it becomes a series of manageable, easy, fun steps.
"Hey, Bob, is that a fully functional, high capacity,
two wheel dolly, or are you just happy to see me?"

1.) Get some steel.  Shouldn't be hard.
2.) Get a really hot furnace.  Ok, that seems easy enough.
3.) Warm the steel up and bend it until it looks like a boat.

See that was not so hard, was it?  Of course, we left out a few small parts, like engines and paint, and that big thing that makes the ship turn.  But, each can be accomplished using the same careful allocation of resources.

Not everybody is lucky enough to build boats, though.  Some people are forced to labor endlessly in a privately held company, greasing the wheels of commerce, by importing and exporting designer fashion accessories, from and to places that sound interesting and exotic.  Even though, they are filled with things like cholera, E coli, scabies (we don't know what that is, but we are not going to look into it, after reading about viral hemorrhagic fevers we know everything we want to know about hideous foreign diseases, thank you).  Not to mention faced sized spiders, and aggressive, venomous snakes, and...  Sorry about that.

Anyway, some people need to labor in front of a computer monitor, turning a stack of paper into a coherent, attractive commercial invoice and packing slip, suitable for framing, or customs.  It seems a little intimidating, at first, until you think about it, and break the task into small, easy to manage steps.

First, you will need to sort the papers into the proper order.  That way your work will flow, logically, and reasonably, start to finish.

But, a cup of coffee would be good, so let's start there.  Hey, while we are up there, look to see if there are any donuts, or cookies.  If not, somebody left a frozen burrito, they will never miss it, it has been there for weeks, calling your name.  Just eat it, well first heat it up, it will be a lot better then.  Check if there is any salsa or hot sauce, we will keep an eye open for any angry burrito owners.

Next, we need to open the template for invoice creation.  You know, you should check Facebook first, see what's up.  Also, there are rumors of a video showing a bulldog, and a monkey, riding a motorcycle, wearing dresses, on YouTube, that would be funny, check it out.   As long as the internet is up, check the price of steel, and a really hot furnace, we could start building some boats, that sounds easy, and probably pretty profitable, too.

OK, on to business, check to see if there were any back-ordered items.  First, though, let's go get a Coke and some ice, that salsa was hot.

It is too late to really start anything so complicated as an invoice.  What do you say we call it a day, and Monday we will burn through the paperwork.  It has been a hectic afternoon, you must be exhausted.