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Thursday, September 19, 2013

The idiots guide to iOS7 for complete dummies.

Oh, isn't she lovely.
Like geeks around the world we here at Life Explained were very excited to hear about the newest operating system from Apple.  There has been so much discussion at our top secret, world headquarters in Beautiful Bel Vista NE that we have barely gotten any work at all done in our mission to explain life, and define the complexities and risks surrounding each passing breath.

This place has been absolutely buzzing, with an anticipatory glee that has not been seen in these top secret, antiseptic, solemn halls since we found out Bob from R & D was bringing in homemade cookies.  That one ended pretty quickly when we found out Bob from R & D was single and had made the cookies himself, from a new recipe he had gotten off the "Simple Calorie Free Deserts, Using Nothing But Flour and Water" web site.  Man, we hate that guy sometimes.

That really has nothing to do with iOS7, though.

We all sat around, touching the little space on our iPhone screens that said "Software Update" until Bob, the custodian finally shrieked, "IT'S AVAILABLE!"  Of course, it sounded more like "EEEEEEEHHHHEEHHHE!   For such a macho looking guy, Bob the custodian can really act like a sissy sometimes.  But, man can that guy work magic with a vacuum.

We updated iTunes, and downloaded and installed the new system.  Soon we were all walking from desk to desk showing and showing each other our freshly update iPhones, iPads, iPods, we probably looked a little silly, in retrospect.

After almost a day here is our brutal, honest review.

The new operating system is different, sort of, at least it looks different, kind of.  But, it is almost the same, a little, with many of the same features, in a way.  One thing that really pops is the new weather icon, the clouds are so nice, and peaceful, and we feel like the sun is almost smiling, oh and the calculator is right there now, no digging through utilities, that's cool.  And we hear the camera is different, but we aren't sure how yet.  Hey, we only had it a day, what do you expect?

Anyway, our final review.  We like it, and can't wait until iOS whatevercomesnext.