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Friday, October 25, 2013

Even We Deserve a Day Off, Occasionally.

Even though we carry the crushing burden of attempting to explain life, and all that stuff, and despite the overwhelming responsibility of keeping the world informed of venomous invasions, and all that stuff, sometimes we just need a day off.

Assistant Manager Bil (you remember Bil, from here, and, here don't you?) decided to take the day off today.  Not to have fun, or relax, mind you, but to perform routine, yet vital, dangerous, and difficult maintenance on his home.

As the old saying goes "when the assistant manager is away, Dr. Dawg will play."   And since we all deserve a "day off" even those of us who are here, fighting the good fight, and keeping our fingers on the pulse of the people, and arachnids, and arthropods, and reptiles, well, you get the idea.

So, we had a little fun at Bil's expense, and with Bil's stuff.

 Bil always has excellent taste in snacks.  We all have always admired him for that.  Our favorite bit was the yogurt covered chocolate things.  Next time, please leave a little more, we didn't have enough to share with the legal department, and now they are suing us.

Bil is forced to wear many hats here at the top secret Life Explained facility in the great unknown mountains just to the south of nowhere.  This one is our favorite, he looks very dashing, and so does Doctor Dawg.

You know, we should give Bil the day off more often, but he should keep some beer in the refrigerator, that would be great.

Anyway, if you see Bil today tell him hello, but don't tell him about the trail mix, it will just ruin his day.