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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Disturbing News From The UK.

In what has become a remarkably repetitive story line there is more terrible Arachnid news from Great Britain.  According to the Time Magazine Facebook page, an "invasion" of venomous spiders caused a school to close for a day.  That's right, venomous spiders are invading a school in England!

It has been coming for a long time.  We here at Life Explained warned you here, We told you  and here, Again, we told you, but people like to go through life with blinders on, hearing what they want to hear.  Not that blinders affect what you hear, but people who only see what they want to see, are not too keen on listening to bad...  Well you know what we mean.

Apparently people are not going to be happy until the entire Island Nation is overrun with the terrifying creatures.  We would look into this possibly fatal (if you only read the first two paragraphs, or extremely painful if you read the last paragraph) infestation ourselves, but we hate flying, and spiders, so flying to see spiders is probably not going to happen.  But, we will keep an eye on our Facebook feed and let you know when it is safe to come out of the refrigerator.  Spiders hate cold, you know?
Not to scale

You can see it here.