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Sunday, March 2, 2014

And the winner is.

Today is the big day, the Oscars, (named after the bologna, a staple at the pre-ceremony buffet, for those of you wondering).  Truly, this is a joyous day, when people who toil, and slave in ignominy for little or no wage finally get some recognition for all of their hard work.  No, wait that is me, the tireless blogger, working desperately to explain life, one dilemma, one inconsistency at a time.   I think actors, and actresses, producers, directors, and others in the movie biz make a little coin,  but who knows.

On an interesting side note, the other day my friend, and co-worker, John mentioned that we might all (we, and all, referring to mankind as a whole) might be a computer simulation for some child of the "gods."  My friend, and co-worker, Bil replied that he sincerely hopes they don't stick him in a room with no doors, so he would be forced to wet himself.  Which may not explain anything, but it is one more thing to worry about.  Of course, giving voice to that fear may not be a such a good idea, if we are a simulation, but that is another post.

Anyway, back to the Bolognas, or more commonly the Oscars.  Here is our rundown, and predictions.

Best Picture nominees are;


And several others that are too lengthy to type.

Well, since I haven't seen any of them, I am going to pick Her, since it is the easiest to type.  By extension, just go through the list, and pick the shortest title and that is my choice to win the coveted processed lunch meat.

Remember, fried bologna is always better than microwaved.  And add the cheese liberally, it really brings the sandwich home.