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Friday, August 15, 2014

High Tech Gets a Little Higher.

As many of you know we have recently added the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 to the arsenal of high tech gadgetry used in the pursuit of the explanations to life's greatest mysteries.

It requires a great deal of computational muscle to break down barriers and wrestle truth from the universe.  And the good news is we are getting closer, the bad news is we are still not exactly sure what life's greatest mysteries are (that is how mysterious they are), which has kind of hamstrung our research.

But, it does provide the time needed to integrate all of our devices, and cloud services, so the work can proceed expeditiously.  Of course, there needs to be many tests, trials, failures, hand wringing, tears of frustration and joy, hours and hours of endless attempts to make sure information passes seamlessly between the Surface Pro 3 the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 (we are thinking of adding an iPod, just because we have several not being used).  It was not in vain.  Dropbox was the last piece of the puzzle, and the most stubborn, but a quick glance at the instructions (I know, who reads directions, it was a last resort) and we were uploading photos like techie.

We have managed to produce this little gem, foil this chrome turtle "carjacking" this wooden elephant. And, we had to perform the operation without the iPad. My wife is still holding tight.  But, we are fairly certain we could have without problem.

As you can see the future of mankind is in good hands.

Note;  We are not sure turtles have paws, but we are fairly comfortable supposing that they do not have hands, or feet.  Besides, in a tense situation you can forgive the Life Explained Armed Forces for taking a few liberties with reptilian anatomical classifications.

Next step; new logo, we can't wait.