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Monday, November 10, 2014

Lunch, Some Day it Might be You, (enjoy it while you can).

Since it is Monday, and we have had such a busy weekend, here at the top secret Life Explained headquarters, we smoked a brisket, ran an auger, took apart (kind of) a major electric appliance, watched the new Hercules, with Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson, (yes, we can smell what the Rock is cooking, and in this case it was ancient Grecians, Greeks, Greekians..., people from ancient Greece), made a pan of killer lasagna, watched some football, watched some made trips to three, or four hardware stores, and updated the software on an iPad, we decided we were not in the mood to make lunch.

Of course that led to the constant, bickering and arguments, and turmoil.  What do you want, Pizza, Mexican food, Italian food, Asian, burgers, it is amazing how childish scientists working in a cutting edge, state of the art, top flight research and development facility can be.  It consumed the whole morning, and started to get so heated we had to lock the weapons lab, and post an armed guard at the entrance, an armed guard who had brought a lunch and could not be swayed by promises of hot spicy chicken wings, or tasty, sweet deserts.

Finally, about 11:30 we came up with the perfect plan.

That's right, we chose Alien food, it isn't always delicious, and you can never be too sure what you are eating, but, at least it isn't eating you, and that is always a plus.  Plus, it really hits the spot after a busy weekend.  Don't forget to reserve your Thanksgiving meal today, they are going fast, and it might be you or them, do you really want to take that chance?