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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Working out with the Oldies, way back to 438 AD

Yesterday was the day.  It was kind of frightening.  It is a room full of machines, I am not comfortable with machinery.  But, a resolution requires some sacrifice.

Fluorescent lights are activated by motion detectors, which is a little creepy, a high tech solution to energy waste, and I am not very comfortable with technology.   But, a resolution requires some resolve.

The smell of antiseptic cleaner was subtle, but there, leaving the nagging question, is that really necessary? What kind of germy people were using these machines, exhaling, and grabbing with bacteria covered hands, you could almost hear the staph infections skittering across the floor, I am not really comfortable with germs, and infections.  But, a resolution requires some stupidity

A treadmill was a good choice, not much risk of looking foolish walking, right?  There is a whole row of treadmills, lined up neatly, facing the window, which looks over the street.  But, the panel was filled with buttons, and words, and choices, so I asked for help.

Since I was the only person, stupidity would have been magnified, and letting a machine outsmart me would have been a source of great mirth at the next meeting of physical fitness coordinators.  She explained the machine, it was not really difficult, this button starts it, this button speeds it up, or slows it down, this button raises or lowers the incline, and, all important, this button stops it.

Great, but there were a bunch of buttons, and lights, and things, what about those?  I didn't ask, maybe it is best not to know, maybe she would say, "don't worry about those, fat boy, you can't handle those buttons."

So, we started, me and the machine, and it was good.  I walked comfortably for a while, listening to a podcast, about Rome, which is a lot more interesting than you might imagine, at least it is a lot more interesting than I imagined.  Soon I realized that it was too interesting, and I was there to "work" out, so I pushed the button to increase the speed.

"Hey, this is good," I thought.  I was working, and it was good.  So, I raised the incline, and it felt good, the pace was pretty brisk, and the angle was, well, not flat, anyway.  After raising both again it was better.  I went for a while, working, and breathing, and feeling pretty good about myself.  Not quite so good about Romulus Augustulus (more on that later), though.

After cooing down, I stopped, a little sore, a little winded, and very happy that I had started.  I asked the attendant about combining some resistance training, and she said that was a good idea.  But, most important she said was to keep trying, anything was better than nothing, and she recommended "intervals."  Which, from her explanation, sound devilish, and difficult, but I will give them a shot.  She finished with the advice, "Anything is better than nothing, so don't give up."  And, it hit me, starting was important, but continuing, that is where the difference lies.

Tomorrow, I am returning, with a renewed vigor, a better plan, and a Visigoth podcast, or maybe something about Vikings.  If you know any good podcasts about Vikings, Visigoths, Vandals or Huns, please let me know, before Wednesday.