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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday, Hump Day, The gods of leisure have smiled on us.

We, here at Life Explained, are always looking for a way to celebrate Wednesday. And, we have had some doozies. Like that time we accidentally reanimated Vlad the Impaler from a small sample of DNA found in an ancient serving bowl.

We were trying to make the perfect spinach dip, and our greens were a little to "green." It seemed like sending it through the wormhole we have harnessed to generate the power needed for the sound system would be a perfect way to ripen them. Nobody wanted to use a new bowl. This was the first time anybody had thought of using time travel to make an appetizer, and we had this bowl from something we have no knowledge of and if we did have any knowledge of we would not be allowed to discuss.

It worked perfectly too but when the Dracul came out carrying our perfectly ripened spinach we got a little worried.Though, the spinach was perfect, and the dip was extraordinary. People still talk about that dip, and tear up a little bit.

That might have been a real problem had we not been having such a keen party. Turns out Vlad loves a good party, and was leading the conga line. Man, he was really busting a move, too until Security could apprehend and unanimate him.  Thank goodness our security forces don't join the party, most times we think they are kind of wet blankets, walking around, following rules, and just being armed, pushy people in general. Sometimes we are grateful for their obsessive attention to regulation.

Anyway, today, we are sending Bob, from Legal, back to the last ice age to get some really fresh ice, lots of it! We have rum punch, Kentucky Bourbon (if it isn't from Kentucky it's just whiskey) and lots of beer. There might even be a live band, depending on how much the lab guys have to drink.It will be the best party ever. You have to love Wednesday. What could possibly go wrong?