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Saturday, November 14, 2015

A new meme app, complete with retribution,

Dawn is a special time, it carries the promise of a new day. I wake up early on the weekends, and enjoy the quiet, no television, no distractions. My mind is free to wander and explore. Coffee, me and a PC.

Without the straight jacket of daytime and conversation imagination is free, and it can be cathartic. Sometimes it can be a little dangerous, though. Sometimes a person can get bored and start looking around at new apps.

Maybe, you think about some slight, some little well meant passive aggressive advice from somebody.

Here is a new app to create custom memes, you think. It is time to thank all of those people who "helped" you through life.

Maybe there was a special teacher you would like to thank personally. What better way than a custom meme using a picture of a long dead president. Everybody respects the words of whatever president this was.*

Wait, weren't there some bosses that were particularly helpful, offering fatherly advice, and helpful tips. Don't they deserve a note of gratitude as well?

*I was not only a poor student in math, I stunk at history, too.
**This is mostly intuition, since I never really tried doing it right. But, man I was fast.