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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Smile to Save the World. It can't hurt.

Life is madness, and anger and incivility are about the nicest things a person will see these days. Go shopping and it becomes a game of dodging speeding shopping carts, and moving stealthily past hostile customers, and bitter, aggressive employees. Almost an arcade style movement and avoidance game. Christmas cheer fills the air.

Turn on the TV, heart breaking tragedy, and loss. Which inspires vitriolic, stump climbing presidential hopefuls to swing their purses vengefully at each other. Where have the great orators of the past gone. Why is there no message of hope.

Would it hurt to hear one person with a microphone and a television camera say "things are not going well, but working together we can overcome the hate, and the fear. We can learn to live together."

I have lived a long time, and it seems like things have not gotten noticeably worse, only different, and more televised. And the people who can blame, and find fault are the most rewarded with the trophy of attention from the news outlets.

+Trina Emmerson and I have decided to start a movement. Smile To Save the World. So far she has done most of the work, (thank you, Trina) and probably most of the smiling. She provided this wonderful picture.  I am going to try to catch up. #smiletosavetheworld.

I am going to try to do a nice thing for somebody every day. And I may try more than one. There are plenty of ideas on this website. In fact a quick search provides hundreds of sites like this.

And, when I hear about someone doing something nice I am going to write a blog post about it. If you hear about something let, or Trina know and we will make sure it gets mentioned.

Please join us, Smile, be polite and Save the World.

Yes, it is probably futile, and a waste of time, but it can't hurt. And nobody else seems to be trying anything.

Thank you,

The Smile To Save the World foundation.