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Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Year in review, part 1. I am really starting to enjoy these multipart posts

We are going to take a few days off from the endless story of a Christmas Tale, which turned into a battle of good vs. evil, the endless struggle of man, and supernatural beings, tackling the problems associated with rampant automation, employee apathy, and corporate corruption (how did this happen, anyway?). It is really a timeless tale, but, we need a little break. Plus, I am working on the next image on Bitstrips, which is a gas, and may revolutionize blogging.

Instead we are going to do a year in review. Life Explained, Ohio Office (OHHELLNO) looks back on 2015.

As far as anybody around here remembers 2015 started in January. But, it was a long time ago. We are searching for proof, but nobody can find a calendar, so we are not going to make any bold declarations. We think the year started in January.

Which, oddly enough, was when I started going to the gym, and it was filled with people. Lycra clad, colorful, groups of people who moved in unison, amoeba like, from area to area, talking and chatting, laughing, and having a good time.

Then came February, the cold, short month, where we celebrate Saint Valentines Day.* And the

crowd of people at the gym disappeared, and many days I was the only person in the place. It had become the Life Explained Memorial Gym.

March, Since I became a workout guy, I went to the Arnold Festival at the Columbus Convention Center. Plus, in one of the highlights of my life, we went to an NCAA tournament game. Oklahoma beat Dayton at Nationwide Arena. It was fantastic.

April, May, we think, were pretty uneventful. It seems something happened in there somewhere, but darned if we can remember what it was.

June, and we took a trip to the Black Hills, and that was cool.

July, August, September, where kind of a blur. November and December, it is hard to look at them in the past, so we are going to pretend they don't exist, kind of like evidence that disproves anything we believe.

* Who has negotiated a prominent part in the Christmas Tale gone awry. Depending on how you define prominent.