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Monday, March 14, 2016

A public service announcement.

Have you ever wondered how Life Explained came to be? Did you ever think this organization is so amazing I would love to have the history? Have you ever said to yourself somebody should write story of the origin of this awe inspiring company? If you haven't go ahead and take a minute, ask yourself, we will wait here.
 (a graphic representation of me whistling)

Now, don’t you feel better? Yes, getting to the bottom of this will help everyone. That is why I have decided to chronicle the origins of Life Explained in a book.

A book that takes you back to the early days, when there was only a man, his hyper intelligent dog, their neighbor, the underemployed, hostile, brutally attractive waitress with a flair for mechanics and a strong technical aptitude, and a keyboard player with the most silky, curly, constantly shimmering shoulder length hair, who played in a band that was right on the brink of not getting any more famous, but still making enough money to almost pay for the musical gear they were all accumulating.

A fascinating story of perseverance, skill, luck, misfortune, good fortune, and time travel with something for everyone, which is exactly who should buy this book, everyone.
I was thinking of starting a crowd funding thing to raise money, but then it occurred to me that it hasn’t really cost anything yet, and I don’t know how to start a crowd funding thing anyway.

Here is a brief excerpt,

“Hey look out.” Bob yelled just as a soccer ball flew from the trees and knocked his glass of wine onto his freshly microwaved, golden brown, perfectly warmed burrito.

Not really, that isn’t in there, yet. But it sounds like a great start to a chapter on Mongol Hordes thundering across Minnesota, which is in the book.

So, start saving your pennies, and all of your questions will be answered, all of them, about everything. What other writer is willing to make that promise?