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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Stupendous, Fantastic Tuesday.

Today is Super Tuesday the 2nd. If something works in America we need to have a sequel, we can't help ourselves. In a way it is surprising that they haven't come up with some a little catchier than Super Tuesday, something along the lines of "Terrific Tuesday, Day of Decision." We love our grandiose titles. But, Super Tuesday in Ohio, and the local press could not be more excited.

And the local stations have a good reason to be excited, too. For one thing political advertisements sell themselves. They could fire the staff that sells commercial air time and still be rolling in the promotional dough. But, after today things will move west, north, a little, east, and south and then people will need to be convinced television commercials are an effective waste of money.

But, for now, things are good, the air ways are filled with candidates and their henchmen comparing and contrasting themselves and their rivals. "I am like a golden swan, bringing peace and joy, wealth, and, happiness. My opponent is the epitome of evil, with a black heart and the soul of a demon. Who might make a wonderful vice president, by the way."

I am reminded of a Peanuts comic strip. It was from the Sunday paper so there were 6 cells and in the first five Lucy is lecturing Snoopy (who is laying peacefully on the top of his dog house) about the intelligence of pigs. Telling Snoopy how much smarter pigs are than dogs. In the last frame Snoopy thinks "If they are so smart why are they pigs?"

Politics present that same riddle. If they are so wholesome, caring, wonderful, compassionate and thoughtful why are they politicians?

Of course that is a terrible way to see things, I realize, but the more I watch, the more it seems obvious none of these people have earned my vote.

Super Tuesday how we will miss you. Too bad you only come once every four years.

Vote For Bob.