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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

#FixThePlus It can't be that hard.

It isn't often I get to take part in a groundswell movement, a grass roots campaign. My doctor tells me I am naturally lacking in intestinal fortitude and have an indelible yellow streak running up my back and I should avoid anything that resembles taking a stand. And I try to be a good patient, particularly when it isn't difficult, or painful, or time consuming. Not taking a stand falls squarely into the easy, painless, quick remedies of which I am so fond.

However, +Jeremy Crow  has called to action all of his comrades on Google + in a #fixtheplus revolution. I am joining the sons of the proletariat in an irresistible force, or an unmovable object, can I get a ruling from the judges on this? We are going to stand up to the bourgeois, we are taking the fight to the callous powers in charge of Google.

Of course it is not without risk (well it is probably completely without risk which is why I jumped in so quickly) but we are asking for your support, here on Super Tuesday, to end, or begin every post with a #FixThePlus hashtag.

It will probably be a hollow gesture, one that will fall hopelessly off the side of the Google Behemoth as it stream rolls relentlessly over some body else's entertainment chasing some new electronic marvel in a quest to make a fortune and prove that we are helpless against that kind of money and power.

But, it could be fun, and if it works out we might aim a little higher next time. We might ask for alternate characters in the font sets. Now that would be cool.