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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Life Explained Explains Life.

There are moments in life where time changes. It is not fluid. Time speeds up, and slows down. Sometimes there are so many things happening at once that time seems to collapse. Great painful heaps of tasks and chores. So many things to do that nothing happens, and time coils around you threatening to squeeze the life out of your tired, tear stained body.

Summer is like that. Heat takes a toll, and leaves you gasping for breath. The lawn needs mowed but it is almost like walking on the surface of the sun. Flowers are turning to dust right before your eyes, the sadness is unbearable.

Autumn comes and brings sweet relief, a chance to pause and take stock, but the rain gutters need cleaned, so don't take too long. Make sure you know where the snow shovel is, it will soon be needed. Dethatch, and aerate the lawn, put on the last treatment, and if you have enough energy maybe even "overseed."

But, we here at Life Explained, have always felt that life is a loose reflection of reality. Not a direct copy. More of a close facsimile. It is almost there, you can almost see it, then it is gone. So, don't worry too much about the problems, they may not even exist. It might be a myth, a story, like the bogeyman to make adults behave in a productive, profitable manner.

When you are running late to work, and dribble maple syrup on your shirt, and there is an accident on the freeway, two exits before yours, and traffic is backed up for miles, and there is no hope of getting to work before all of the bagels are eaten, don't sweat it. Just put on some Dylan, or event better one of those long Dead Songs from Europe 72, tap your steering wheel keeping time to the music and smile.

We are fairly certain that life is not as harried, and stressful as people would lead you to believe. In fact, we went and made coffee between this sentence and the last. Just walked away, carefree. Sure, this post is not going to write itself, and there is other things that need attention, but coffee called, and we answered.

We just returned from getting a cup of coffee, and no problems. And it is even better for the small act of rebellion, How many things are we worried about that are just not that troublesome? We don't know, but we intend to find out.

Join us, in the Life Explained Revolution. A movement to find the truth, to find reality. . Right now, get up, walk over and get a cup of coffee, stop and chat up a co-worker, and let us know what happened. We bet it was nothing bad. If you are in the middle of surgery, please ignore this advice, even if you are the patient.