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Friday, March 22, 2013

Another Thing to be Worried About

Just when you thought you were pretty safe from Ravenous Arachnids (which might make a good name for a movie, if there are any producers thinking this might make a good show), unless you are a bat, that is, this was reported by MSN today (not today, but when this was originally posted, and I have never let little things like facts stand in my way).


Head for one of your many hills, Wales. Tis no spider, tis a remorseless asbestos-contaminated tarantula on the loose. The existence of the arachnid was revealed after its recently-shed skin was recovered by asbestos-removal workers in an abandoned old house in the Welsh capital of Cardiff. Experts think the Chilean rose tarantula, which is INFECTED WITH ASBESTOS, could be twice as large after shedding it skin. One of the workers spotted a giant spider leg after lifting up a floorboard, and like any rational person, screamed and fled the house, as did a number of others. Some brave and foolhardy souls stayed and recovered the skin, which tests later confirmed was the skin from an ASBESTOS-INFECTED TARANTULA. That is still at large. Shiver.
Giant, Asbestos Infected, United Kingdom Tarantulas.  If you are thinking, "well, this is in Wales, and I couldn't find Wales on a globe, if you spotted me the continent."  (The previous sentence applies only to Americans who are terribly naive about geography) In a world where jet planes carry people from one continent to another with ease and speed at such a relatively small price, Wales is right next door.  That's right, Giant, Asbestos Infected, Welsh Tarantulas are living right next door to you!
The Moon is looking better all of the time.