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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Journey, A Discovery

Last night was the presidential debate. I didn't watch it. Having spent the better part of the day driving back from the glorious Smoky Mountains in Eastern Tennessee the thought of watching these two candidates try to claim they could be president was more than I could handle.

Our drive was painless, quick and uneventful. Mostly thanks to the Interstate Highway System that slices across our country.  During a business management class in college an instructor claimed that it was the "defense grid." Designed mostly to rush troops and material to the coasts. A theory that makes sense looking at the times. Though it matters very little why they were initially built. They are wonderful ways to travel.

It was such an amazing accomplishment, such a marvel of engineering, and determination. When you view this feat and think of the state of our nation today you can't help be saddened by the loss. Driving under rusting, crumbling overpasses, through neglected stretches of buckling, failing highways it is impossible not to feel some shame. We have lost our ability to achieve. We elect the people most accomplished at pointing fingers and placing blame.

Little regard is given to lofty ideals, and dreams. In fact, candidates are loathe to make any declarations of intended achievements. There are too many people who are willing to say it will never work.

I am a liberal, mostly because the lies they tell while campaigning more closely match the way I feel governments should behave. But to drive a country this far into despair this quickly takes both parties. It takes two party inertia, and an ability to neglect any sense of responsibility to the people served to fall this far this quickly.

So, skipping the debate, and watching reruns made more sense. I may do the same for the election.

The Future is Here.